re: ZeroEyes

 Two years ago I left active duty.

I was a little lost, wandering up and down the west coast and seeking refuge in our great national parks. On some of the longer drives I would call old friends, seeking connection and a sense of normalcy amidst a global pandemic.
It was in on one of those calls that I reconnected with a fellow Marine Mike Lowinger, and he told me about a tiny little start-up in Philadelphia. Crammed into a 500 sq ft office in the Pennovation Center, there was ZeroEyes. A group of veterans like me, trying to make a difference in the world. I didn't know how I could help or what I could do, but I jumped at the opportunity. An opportunity to continue to feel a sense of service to a country where I've been so lucky and fortunate to have been born in this lottery called life.
And yet, gun violence in that same country has regretfully become ubiquitous, and considered a "cost of doing business" in school districts across its 50 states and in countless Fortune 500 board rooms.
Today we were featured on CNN and in the New York Times; highlighting our technology and efforts to be part of the solution to this growing problem in our country.
It certainly feels like a milestone.
But, internally we know how far we still have to go. We're still working, learning, and showing up everyday to get better. The company was founded by Navy SEALs and "the only easy day was yesterday" flies in the rafters at our HQ in Conshohocken. That ethos permeates through the 20 states we currently operate in, and throughout the rest of the country where our team works every day to help prevent one of these horrible events.
Hopefully, one day soon I'll come back to this post and share with you news of a mass shooting prevented by ZeroEyes, and a tragedy averted. But until that day, we're going to keep working and strive to be a force for good in the world.


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